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  • Shiva Baby

    Shiva Baby


    This is fleet and fun and definitely captures a particular generational anxiety in an excruciatingly real way to the point where my gf and I were constantly shouting “noooooo” at the screen, but a lot of this movie’s buzz has centered around its distinctly Jewish flavor I dunno. There are notable exceptions where the movie plays off of common tropes of Jewish comedy in ways that also feel hyper-specific and lived-in (the tragicomic running bit about everyone’s preoccupation with…

  • Murder in the Vineyard

    Murder in the Vineyard

    The most egregious title bait-and-switch I’ve ever seen from Lifetime, which is really saying something considering how often they pull this shit. Not only does the movie’s sole murder happen nowhere near the vineyard, there’s hardly any vineyard action at all! Instead it turns out to be, of all things, a bog-standard High School Cyberbullying Gone Too Far movie with like three scenes incidentally set at a vineyard and maybe two offhanded references to “biodynamic wines.” Give me someone drowning in…

  • Bad Trip

    Bad Trip


    The anti-Borat.

    Where Cohen deploys his hidden-camera pranks to goad his targets into exposing their most extravagantly boorish, hateful selves, Andre et al use theirs to bring out the best in people. And it’s not that each film’s pranks elicit wildly different reactions from their respective targets so much as it’s a matter of how each film chooses to frame those reactions; where Cohen’s film views people as oafishly credulous, Andre’s film instead chooses to see them as open-hearted and good-humored.

    Also this features the most structurally justified, emotionally satisfying blooper reel in movie history.

  • Pale Flower

    Pale Flower


    An ice-cold stare through a void beneath despair.

    That said, how cute is it that the fearsome yakuza boss passes watermelon slices around to his henchmen like a day camp counselor? He brought a healthy snack for everyone!

  • Despiser



    With the distinct feel of an FMV light gun shooter whose narrative ambitions refuse to be contained by the puny confines of a bowling alley arcade cabinet, it’s impossible not to love this movie for its aesthetic gumption alone. I don’t even mind the narcissistic Misunderstood Artist Messiah shtick because unlike the Breens and Wiseaus of the world Cook actually puts his money where his mouth is. There are no cut corners or half measures here, this is a fully…

  • Secrets in the Woods

    Secrets in the Woods

    “Of course it works, it’s a toilet.”

    Never follow a Brant to a second location.

  • White Heart

    White Heart

    What Andre Bazin called film’s “indexicality,” the medium’s inherent capacity to record an “imprint” of reality, is really more of a useful fiction than anything, a necessary narrowing of our perceptive bandwidth to prevent us from looking at every film the way Funes the Memorious looks at a flower. Because in truth reality (such as it is) is just the first of an incalculable number of greasy mitts a film has to pass through on its way to us, and…

  • Quiet Please, Murder

    Quiet Please, Murder


    I think it’s safe to say this is the greatest wartime propaganda/espionage/slice-of-life comedy detective noir Freudian library heist thriller ever made.

  • Whispering Pines 3

    Whispering Pines 3

    "I really like its texture, but I can't understand what it is trying to say."

  • The Wrong Valentine

    The Wrong Valentine

    If he starts sending you unsolicited pictures of scones that’s a big red flag ladies

  • I Know Who Killed Me

    I Know Who Killed Me


    Take out the pretentious Lynch ripoffs and the then-obligatory graphic torture scenes and this could actually be a pretty killer ‘10s Lifetime movie (which perhaps not incidentally Silverston went on to make). As is there’s some interesting metatextual/accidental stuff going on here but the rest is mostly a pretty dire imitation of a mishmash of ‘00s IMDb Top 250 Guy trends.

  • Paradise Prey

    Paradise Prey

    About as close as we’re ever likely to get to an Andy Sidaris Lifetime movie.