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  • The Tiger of Eschnapur

    The Tiger of Eschnapur


    Love to see Fritz Lang returning to his roots, and in dazzling color no less. That saïd...

  • Johnny Mnemonic

    Johnny Mnemonic


    A deadly pandemic exacerbated by corporate greed, people losing themselves to the Internet, telepathic computer hacking cyborg dolphins, VR, video chat, “iPhones.” This movie’s predictions for 2021 are spot-on!

  • Baraka



    A film full of literally jaw-dropping images that unfortunately tries to have it both ways w/r/t organizing itself around a deliberate thesis vs. “letting the images speak for themselves” and ends up largely failing to accomplish either as a result. There are times where this feels a bit too much like an upscale Mondo film.

    That match cut from the wavy lines raked into an elderly woman’s zen garden to the veins on the back of her hand tho 😙👌

  • Jessica Forever

    Jessica Forever


    Kinda like if Apichatpong Weerasethakul directed a Metal Gear Solid game.

  • Midsommar



    Wow this Marianne 2020 ad is wild.

  • Final Flesh

    Final Flesh


    A fun idea, but the first and last segments are the only ones that really work, mostly thanks to the admirably game and good-humored performers and at least in the latter segment a surprisingly artful and ambitious crew (if you've ever wondered what it might look like if Maya Deren made shoestring made-to-order fetish porn, wonder no more). Chatman himself certainly isn't doing much of the heavy lifting here, his script generally far more interested in getting the actors to…

  • Pillow Talk

    Pillow Talk


    "Somewhere in this building, there may be a man who's crossed a new frontier."

    The master's theses practically write themselves.

  • Zardoz



    If Star Wars didn't exist, it would be necessary to invent it.

  • Oh Lucy!

    Oh Lucy!


    If this is the beginning of a Hartnettaissance, then surely the Shannyn Sossassance can't be far behind.

  • Roma



    Pepe was so much older then, he’s younger than that now.

  • The Unholy Three

    The Unholy Three


    Gotta love a silent movie about a ventriloquist. 

    Also Harry Earles reflexively kicking a little boy’s teeth in has got to be one of the all-time great villain introductions.

  • The Emperor of Peru

    The Emperor of Peru


    It’s hard not to be charmed by a movie that gives a duck named Federico top billing next to Mickey Rooney.