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  • Gaza Mon Amour

    Gaza Mon Amour


    One of the best films to come out of Palestine. Loved every minute, how rare (seen as part of the London palestine film festival)

  • Between Heaven and Earth

    Between Heaven and Earth


    Seen as part of the London Palestine Film Festival. Touches on the story of Iqrit

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  • The Chess Game of the Wind

    The Chess Game of the Wind


    Watched as part of the BFI film festival, shame I can’t get a second viewing in. Mesmerising piece of cinema.

  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi


    I’m sad because I can’t watch this film for the first time again and be massively blown away. Incredibly upsetting that time did not allow for Yang to create more masterpieces following this beast of a beauty. This being his very last, I’m so glad to have experienced it. His use of long shots & takes, coupled with static frames, common to New Taiwanese cinema, do not intrude on the drama within the shot but allows the audience a meditative moment…