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TIFF Canada's Top Ten 2021

“Not since its inaugural year in 2001 have there been so many first appearances among the feature-film selections. Some of these films made their world premieres during the Festival and are now debuting their works on the international festival circuit, which is remarkable for first-time directors — I couldn’t be prouder.” —Cameron Bailey, CEO, TIFF

Liked reviews

Dakota Johnson’s eyes legit scared me at one point.

The trauma of child-rearing is portrayed with such honesty. "Mom culture" can be so toxic and result in some deep-seated PTSD. I really like that the film tried to normalize some of these feelings and have these conversations, even if it's wrapped up within an internal struggle of a thriller. Maggie Gyllenhall's debut feels so mature in terms of keeping the audience at arm's length, but pacing the film well as to not lose them. People are talking about Olivia…

tied to what we’ve made as connections in life and our desires’ unending will to bring us down while we fly. maybe the most i’ve felt all year, maggie is a genius and olivia/jessie give two performances for an era. the posturing of our lives for our own standards and to who we wish we could become, all tangled within one another endlessly. reflections of ourselves when we least want them, peace comes at the price of existence in each other. like trying to push out the tide. one of the best of this or any year just a serve

gonna be thinking about this one for a while

a horror movie

olivia colman is one of the best actors ever

“Children are crushing responsibility.”

This is truly a faithful adaption about how complex and complicated motherhood is. jessie buckly impressed me.

Captivating and uncomfortable
Olivia Colman flawless as always