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Regina King on the scene that won her an Oscar

“This wig is almost like a suit of armour.” Celebrate Regina King's birthday and the release of her feature directorial debut One Night in Miami... (TIFF '20) with a look back at her Oscar-winning turn in Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk.

Bong Joon-ho on RAGING BULL

"I think it’s the most honest portrayal of the conflicts and complexities of one man. Only Scorsese could create such a portrait." —Bong Joon-ho on Raging Bull, released in theatres 40 years ago today

The whole film poured out: Mina Shum on MEDITATION PARK

Mina Shum directs an all-star cast — including Cheng Pei Pei, Sandra Oh, Tzi Ma, and Don McKellar — in her 2017 feature, about a devoted wife and mother (Pei Pei) who is forced to reassess her reverence for her husband after she finds another woman’s thong in his laundry. Meditation Park is now available to rent on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox.

#SeeTheNorth with Canada's Top Ten

Bad year, great movies. Here are TIFF selections for the 10 best Canadian features and shorts of 2020. We can’t proceed without first acknowledging it: 2020 was a traumatizing, debilitating year. An absurd number of avoidable deaths around the world. Entire countries and industries effectively shut down. Wholesale abdication of leadership. Social oppression that gave way to political upheaval — and new flickers of hope — as racism and state violence were confronted both in the streets and in boardrooms.…

Get in the mood for World of Wong Kar Wai with this playlist

From Cantopop covers to California Dreamin’ – listen to this playlist to get you in the mood for World of Wong Kar Wai. “Music is very important in my films. Yet I rarely have music composed for my films because I find it very hard to communicate with musicians. They have a musical language; I have a visual one ... I use music during all stages of the film process. Of course, I use it when I'm editing. And one…

Canada, welcome to World of Wong Kar Wai

Supervised and approved by the master director himself, TIFF Cinematheque is proud to have a one-week exclusive Canadian video-on-demand premiere of this retrospective, thanks to Janus Films. Featuring a special extended cut of The Hand and new restorations of these classics from the original 35mm camera negatives: As Tears Go By Chungking Express Days of Being Wild Fallen Angels Happy Together In the Mood for Love Each film rental includes over two hours of exclusive bonus content, including a brand new video essay by TIFF Cinematheque Senior…

Chloé Zhao bucks tradition for THE RIDER

Chloé Zhao’s award–winning impressionistic drama casts real-life wrangler Brady Jandreau as a South Dakota cowboy struggling to chart a new course. "A horse's purpose is to run in the prairies; a cowboy's is to ride." So, what does a cowboy become when he can no longer ride? This is the question at the centre of Chloé Zhao's The Rider, and the defining conflict for its protagonist, Brady Blackburn. A skilled rodeo cowboy and horse trainer, Brady suffers a near-fatal accident…

Sarah Gavron on the teens behind ROCKS

“Because we wanted to make a film about young people, we wanted to make it with them.” Director Sarah Gavron reflects on finding and collaborating with the young cast of Rocks to create an authentic depiction of friendship and an intimate coming-of-age story. Now available to rent across Canada on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Riz Ahmed on identity and belonging in SOUND OF METAL

"When you find community, you find yourself as well.” Star Riz Ahmed discusses how his character in Sound of Metal embarks on a journey from self-reliance to finding community in unexpected places. Now available to rent across Canada on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Liked reviews

like with 24 City and I Wish I Knew, the transition from the first hour’s exploration of more concrete history and explicit Chinese culture into the second’s focus on family and reflection crushes me. instead of focusing on the industrial woes of factory workers in the era of technological revolution, or the ways a big city and its inhabitants, Jia’s focus here is on the importance of art and the developments of a small village, expanding the stories of this…

The Rider

The Rider


they always say “yee haw” but they never ask “haw yee?”

For real though, nothing short of a magnificent, beautiful portrayal of a piece of America frozen in time, and the lengths its people go to preserve their sense of place and livelihood. Chloe Zhao is going to be a massive talent if this is anything to go by.

This was well-written and exciting and I just thought it was great. Loved the clothes and the soundtrack was awesome - one great song after the other. Gimme multiple Aretha songs in every movie!

Also that baby’s face cracked me up. Happy lil guy.




Feels extremely vibrant and exciting as much as it does poignant. The cast deliver incredibly naturalistic performances.




I'll probably never shut up about how good Rocks is.

A delicate meditation on modern motherhood, the balance of familial devotion and one's own dreams. Looks at the heavens to construct an intrinsic character study. Indelible scenarios, tender revelations.

Green is beyond perfect.




Check mate, First Man.

Proxima deals with the humanistic aspects of an astronaut—a more grounded approach, tied to life on the planet they are leaving—and does so seamlessly, viscerally. Eva Green gives the performance of a lifetime - she truly is (ahem) other-worldly.

Director Alice Winocour's passion is ever present throughout the film; it's so well researched, it becomes fascinating; it's so tethered to reality, it becomes relatable.

A love letter to planet Earth that will spark a new appreciation for our big blue ball in space; a warm hug to the astronauts—our superheroes—who make immeasurable sacrifices to venture into the great unknown.

Riz Ahmed is constantly being given melodramatic options by the story but never gives into the easy choices. It’s a fantastic performance.