I would rather see her lovely step and the motion of light on her face...

Favorite films

  • The Journey to Mexico
  • Five Year Diary, Reel 31: Niagara Falls (August 19–28, 1983)
  • In the Stone House
  • Solitary Acts (4, 5, 6)

Recent activity

  • Part IV (Green Hill)


  • The Fallen World


  • Daughters of Chaos


  • She/Va


Recent reviews

  • Song 27 (Part II) Rivers

    Song 27 (Part II) Rivers


    stan’s affection for the way light caresses the ridges of his lil babes’ shoulders as they sleep, like gossamer clouds swathing the crests of colorado’s young mountains

  • Memoria



    “i’ve been here all the time”

    i keep thinking back to the funny little scene where jessica sits in the hospital waiting area and a sight gag unfolds around a piece of beam-seating that’s blocking a door

    a moment of recognition happens: we suddenly register that the placement of objects in the shot’s composition is incidental; agnes tells jessica she only put the bench there to keep anyone from accidentally entering what she mysteriously explains is “almost a morgue” (i’d…

Popular reviews

  • Cloud Shadows

    Cloud Shadows


    the blinking eye as camera shutter, but optography is as much a pseudoscience—a faulty method of knowledge attainment—as our attempts to fully capture our dreams and memories. we’re insatiable.

    one of the most unexpectedly moving moving-image works ever made about image-making. despite the “affectless” delivery, this is hugely affecting, nearly brought me to tears and totally made me laugh out loud (“how fucking far do you want to see??”)

  • Nocturne



    inspires a dual peaceful-awful feeling, awful in the original sense of inspiring reverential wonder or fear, like watching a lightning storm