Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★½

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5x5 Reloaded - 11/25
Day 27 - Escape from New York - John Carpenter

Do I really have to say why I watched it? It's obvious by now. 5x5 challenge. John Carpenter.

Sadly Escape from New York couldn't really convince me... I was never really thrilled or anything like that and I don't even know why. And I can't really write much more on the story, because... I just didn't care.
The characters are mostly pretty stereotypical, but some are interesting for sure. Kurt Russell delivers a pretty good performance, the rest of the cast is fine.
The cinematography is the highlight of the movie, many shots are really great and I enjoyed this part of the movie. The editing was also really good and the visuals were fine. The score is great as always by Carpenter.

Sadly Escape from New York couldn't really catch my interest, it seems as I would only love Carpenter's horror movies... We'll see. What I can say after my final Carpenter in this 5x5 Challenge is, that he became one of my favourite (horror) directors and I'm really glad that I gave him a shot here. I'll watch some of his other stuff in the future for sure!


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