Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Because Army of the Dead just came out i'll avoid specifics, but I dug this and welcomed an "epic" zombie movie with enthusiasm. Why the heck not. Walking Dead jumped-the-shark a lifetime ago, and had Netflix released a 90 minute version the battle cry for the #SnyderCut would be trending this morning.

And maybe it's my photography background but I was all over the shallow-depth-of-field technique Snyder uses. In fact, I love it. At least here and now. I can imagine other Directors copying it and in 5 years its the new 'Teal and Orange', but in the hands of an expert photographer (Snyder is) I think it works great.

The primary metric I have for a good zombie film is whether I'll watch it again. In this case the answer is HELL YES. In fact I think a second watch might bump this up.

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