Possessor ★★½

Is it an asset or liability to carry the Cronenberg name into an effort like this? Does it muck up any sense of authenticity? I’m not sure Brandon helps himself by echoing so many of the same ideas and visual choices as his father, but I also recognize without nepotism half of Hollywood would be pulverized. Maybe the stench of unearned power, based on nothing but family name royalty, just seems problematic right now.

There are some potent ideas and stylistic choice present, but I found it all so bleak and maudlin. The violence is savage but lacking artistry. At times clinical for no reason. And worse…excessively redundant. The characters are dismal and emotionally empty. It’s possible this reflects a “truth” in the life of an assassin, but it makes for grim entertainment.

On a positive note I think some of the messaging lands. Issues about digital privacy, crappy jobs, karma, and the dangers of family legacy work well. I wonder if that was intentional irony. Is Brandon saying that without his Dad he’d be spying on us while evaluating what kind of drapes we have in our homes?

[This was a weird ass detour from my Marvel Movie marathon. Back to Thor.]

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