• Maniac Cop 2

    Maniac Cop 2


    I like that these movies call out the police for their corruption and dedication to vendetta above justice.  I also like that they’re about a giant zombie man with nice clean gloves.

    NOT as entertaining as the first one, but it’s a fun story with some great action, and a policeman’s row of a cast!

  • The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari


    One of those “foundational masterpieces” that doesn’t feel like homework.  This film is lean, mean, and kind of sexy?  I know at least Tim Burton would agree - dude seems to have pulled his entire aesthetic from this thing!

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    I think it's hard for an animated film to rise above the pack anymore. It feels like every other one of these has great animation and funny jokes, but this one has SUCH great animation and SUCH great jokes, that it is easily the best animated film I have seen since SPIDER-VERSE (which is by the same crew). There are so many scream-laugh-inducing jokes in this. It is really so so funny. A little long (could have shaved the 2nd act a little), but besides that this thing is so amazing.

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    I braced myself for this to be more viscerally fucked-up, and was not ready for the sheer amount of "just weird" fucked-up! I am what they call a "Lapsed Catholic™" so i really appreciated this clash of true faith and the corrupt government product that religion is today. Fantastic!

  • Tremors



    I showed this to my 9-year-old daughter for "Half-O-Ween." She loved it, and afterwards we got to have that talk every kid has about why "bastard" isn't always nice to say even though it sounds amazing.

  • Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War


    They eschew that "grounded espionage" feel of the previous film and the TV show, but this is till some good Marvel-in'! Tom Holland's Spider-Man was such a good character before they made him sad about Tony all the time.

  • Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

    Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey


    My girlfriend hadn't seen this yet, so even though this is the 3rd (4th?) time I have seen this in a year, it had to be done.

    Still a joy, and still one of my favorites!

  • Play Misty for Me

    Play Misty for Me


    This was great! Jessica Walter was such a treasure, RIP.

  • Short Cuts

    Short Cuts


    Of course a 3-hour Robert Altman film is going to be meandering, but it is some good-ass meandering! Always nice to see Chris Penn.

  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    I think it balanced "the human stuff" well, and the last hour felt more like a ride than a movie; still, when it was over, I REALLY missed the movie theater

  • Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!

    Django Kill... If You Live, Shoot!


    This movie? This movie is fucking weird. It felt kind of light on action, but the violence that was there was pretty bloody, and very strange, like when a guy is getting scalped, and as the blood gushes down his face, he licks it up.

    There's also a scene that weird European genre films LOVE to do, specifically to fuck with specifically me: close-ups on animals intercut with close-ups of an anguished person, to indicate the animals are torturing the…

  • Police Story 3: Super Cop

    Police Story 3: Super Cop


    I did not like this as much as the first two Police Story movies. It feels more like an American Blockbuster™ and less informed by Hong Kong. Oh well - Michelle Yeoh jumps a motorcycle onto a moving train while Jackie Chan hangs from a helicopter ladder and, so who can complain?!?