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  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel


    Spent a lot of The Last Duel thinking about how Kingdom of Heaven might've been the great historical epic follow-up to Gladiator we all wanted if it starred the Adam Driver of today instead of the Orlando Bloom of 2005.

    One of a few things this has over Gladiator, is that Ridley Scott doesn't play with the frame rates during the action and the slow-motion isn't as janky, an aspect of his 2000 triumph that badly dates the film.


  • Copshop



    Everybody (including me) was up in arms when they announced an Escape From New York remake with Gerard Butler, but watching the man-of-few-words-and-fewer-fucks-given he plays here and the sense of fun he's having in the role, I'd now welcome the project if it were directed by Joe Carnahan, who has in essence made his own John Carpenter siege movie with Copshop.

    As with his underseen Stretch, character-driven carnage is the mode I like latter day Carnahan in best, his dialogue…

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  • Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    Kingsman: The Golden Circle

    In place of rapey anal jokes (unless you count the title), we've got an extended fingering gag!

    They may dress like it, but none of the characters or the makers of this repellant trash have any class or clue about acting like a gentleman.

    For a second time, Matthew Vaughn tries to sell us on the idea of Colin Firth's Harry Hart being a firm believer of "manners maketh man", but these are empty words, for this even fouler-mouthed sequel's…

  • The Fabulous Baker Boys

    The Fabulous Baker Boys


    In my least favourite decade of film, The Fabulous Baker Boys is immediately one of my favourites of the '80s for being the polar opposite of the avarice represented by the era on-screen.

    Hard-bitten, wintery photography makes the bottom of show business feel bottomless; the small-time struggles of a lounge trio cut through with a line of smart-alecky cynicism as sharp and sad as unforgiving Seattle winds.

    Pithy patter masks fifteen years of pathetic artistic compromise, while a constant fog…