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  • The Wolf of Snow Hollow

    The Wolf of Snow Hollow


    The somewhat nihilistic Writer/Director/Star Cummings turns his hands to genre filmmaking with an apparent ease and immediate success. 

    As has become a staple of his biggest hits, The Wolf of Snow Hollow follows the troubled life of a small town police officer, in this case John Marshall (Cummings) who’s tasked with balancing out his fractured relationships and avoiding relapse into addiction in the midst of a slew of murders in the usually quiet, titular small town: Snow Hollow. While the…

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  • End of Watch

    End of Watch


    Ayer’s clamouring for his early success off the back of Training Day is actually quite a sad struggle to watch as the one trick pony strikes again in what’s one of the most underwhelming experiences I’ve had in a while.

    The partnership between Gyllenhaal and Peña just about works but it’s evident there’s little they’ve been given to work with, so little in fact it all but forces two seasoned actors to an amateurish standard. Fury might well be the…

  • Centurion



    Every Neil Marshall project I stumble across has a two fold effect. One: enriching my enjoyment of Dog Soldiers and Two: making me scratch my head and ponder how he fell off the boil instantly after his debut. Similar to the Hellboy reboot shambles, Centurion too boasts an uninteresting plot only the flip side of the coin where essentially very little of note actually takes place. The cast is a perplexing situation, Liam Cunningham and Michael Fassbender always have had…

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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    Whilst technically sound, boasting some decent performances and being largely entertaining, The Devil All the Time’s biggest flaw is also what it’s main attraction is supposed to be.

    Director, Campos, highlighted in an interview how entwining narratives are usually a staple of TV, so consider this his attempt at lifting it to the format of film but be aware there’s good reason as to why such a structure is bound to the television format. I wouldn’t particularly say that it’s…

  • Tenet



    Despite being heralded as the saviour of cinema, Nolan delivers this time something that is essentially a high end popcorn flick, especially when compared to his previous works that range from innovative to seminal.

    For as novel as the execution was, I was all but willing myself to like it more than I actually did whilst in the screen, battling away with what I found to be many valid criticisms that seem to be shared by a general consensus. The…