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  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    Best shit I've seen all year. It's kind of a no-brainer for me to be a Flanboy since, as a recovering addict/alcoholic horror nerd with 4 years of Catholic schooling, sometimes it seems like he makes shit specifically for me. But beyond those identity elements, as I've said here before, I love auteurist obsession. I love intensely personal creators who can't help shoving their pet interests into everything they make. Flanagan's happens to be an obsessiveness similar to my online…

  • Mad Doctor of Blood Island

    Mad Doctor of Blood Island


    #52FilmsByPOC 2021 pt. 42.

    It's my least favorite of the Blood Island movies so far (I still haven't seen Beast of Blood). I really couldn't get into the annoying throbbing zoom that the film seemed to want to do every time something scary happened. It kinda gave me the nausea. I wanted more Marla, the most compelling character, but as usual the film assumed I wanted to spend most of my time with the white people. Probably the best monster…

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  • Toolbox Murders

    Toolbox Murders


    The film that opened my eyes to Tobe Hooper's brilliance was neither The Texas Chain Saw Massacre nor Poltergeist (though I had previously seen both) but rather Toolbox Murders. I was 18 years old, living with my parents and unemployed, having withdrawn from college after a disastrous first semester. It was the beginning of a four-year spiral of depression, isolation and substance abuse: the darkest period of my life thus far.

    I rented Toolbox Murders from my local Hollywood Video…

  • Waves



    Apparently this hasn't been seen/reviewed by anybody in my letterboxd circle yet, and I know it's gonna get a bunch of Oscars and shit so let me be the first to say FUCK THIS MOVIE.

    It's nothing but a naive white perspective on African American trauma that views white pain with compassion and black pain as spectacle, dressed up with a bunch of flashy film-bro stylistics and superficial "whoa Tarkovsky" masturbatory references, all to disguise the fundamental problem that this…