Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★★

This movie feels like it was made just for me and I love it so much. A sci-fi action romp that combines the best of mech-suit vs alien conflict with time loop gimmicks with Tom Cruise summer blockbuster vehicle, it really works far better than it has any right to.

The not-so-far future setting is dressed up just enough to feel tangible while still cashing in on that exo-skeleton army/hologram/cool looking drop ship mise en scene (not to mention the alien's neat design). The writing is sharp and tactile enough to cram what exposition the audience needs down their throat without being too obnoxious (the first few deaths are a bit long on repeat viewings) while also providing a couple of laughs and some character development (of course it was written by Christopher McQuarrie who went on to lead the likes of Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation and Fallout). The action is nothing to write home about, but it leverages the time loop and jump cuts to sow personality into the rest of the shaky cam affair Doug Liman had put forward in the Bourne Identity. All tied together with the ol' reliable Thomas Cruise slapping his trademarked charisma onto the coward-turned-hero that is William Cage. This is my shit, I'll never not love this movie.

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