Edge of Tomorrow ★★★★

It's Contra if you used the 30 Lives Code or Call of Duty if you played a game of Team Deathmatch, but it's not a video game it's a big-budget Sci-Fi action flick directed by Doug Liman and starring Mr. Couch Jumper himself Tom Cruise and even though it's pretty much LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, LIVE, DIE, it might just be one of the best, creative, fun, exciting, and most entertaining films of 2014. Cable news brouhaha. Ken without Ray and Bruges, Belgium is nowhere on the map. The film has a Starship Troopers vibe, but I think the giant bugs received a massive upgrade. Bill Paxton is still the motherfucker. Mr. Paxton's character is Hudson from Aliens if he stopped saying "man" a lot and got older. I think it would be fun to dress up in a robot armor suit and try to run a marathon in it. Extreme parachuting. Fat fuck squish. No matter what you think of Tom Cruise, he's a natural born movie star. His on screen charisma is unmatched and he's one of the greatest entertainers of all-time. The battle scenes ain't no joke. Claymores have instructions on them. The first time Tom wakes up. Why the fuck did they try to change the name of the film to LIVE DIE REPEAT? That title makes no sense. Extreme Déjà vu. Sometimes it pays to know what happens next. Tom Cruise's excitement can't be faked. Duct tape fixes everything. Edge of Tomorrow takes the line "If at first you don't succeed try try try again" literally. The "Maggot" drinking game would be insane. Emily Blunt has intoxicating eyes. The token crazy doctor. I would let Emily Blunt train me to bark like a dog. Who knew repeating could be so much fun? Edge of Tomorrow has more humor in it than most modern day comedies. The way Emily Blunt shoots a gun. Pubs are a great place to relax and unwind. Giant killer alien robot thingys scare the fuck outta me. A minor weakness is the chemistry between Tom and Emily. The film falls a little bit flat during the time when it's just the two of them. At least their chemistry is better than the chemistry between Tom and Katie Holmes. The PG-13 action is actually fun. How rare is that? The Emily Blunt push-up. Fuck helmets! Flares help you see in the dark. When Tom Cruise speaks, everyone listens. I wish Bill Murray had a cameo. How ironic and awesomely cool would that be? I really like the supporting cast. A super cool international cast with a few familiar faces and hopefully they all have bright futures ahead of them. J Squad is almost as badass as my favorite group of Colonial Marines. Reloading like a boss. The name Cage screams badass motherfucker. Who's the real ALPHA now? The Tom Cruise smile. Edge of Tomorrow is one fun film. The rewatch value is off the charts. Tom Cruise owns. Emily Blunt is super hot. I wish more big-budget Hollywood films were this entertaining. Quite possibly my vote for Popcorn Film of 2014. Highly recommended.

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