Inception ★★★★

The Wolf of Wall Street stars in Christopher Nolan's smart dreamy dream so much more than just a popcorn muchin' Hollywood blockbuster. Ocean waves. Sand castles. Mush. Godzilla's pal. JGL's natural born screen charisma. Falling house. Triple dream? Fast train. Top spin. Poor Lukas. Betting on a chance. Sir Michael Caine is the motherfucker. Ellen after Juno. Maze test. Complicated as fuck architectural work. You can share dreams? Grumpy strangers. Moving mirrors. Dreamin' like you're Biggie Smalls. Intense baby mama drama. The totem. The moment you realize Tom Hardy is the real deal. Why doesn't Dileep Rao act more? Cold water. Sgt. Barnes. Verbal Kint's best mate. Scarecrow. The crazy as fuck hunch that Christopher Nolan likes to use the same actors in all his films. Private personal elevator ride. Basements are scary. Cillian Murphy plays a smug snooty snob a little bit too convincing. Rainy day pee. Taxi hijack. Where the fucky fuck did that train come from? JGL lookin' all intense and shit. Did you know the rules of dreaming can change? Fuck you limbo! Balcony tension. Long fall. Fuck! Leo is the quintessential A-list actor. The way Tom Hardy playfully flirts with everyone. Dream bodyguard. Going all Departed on some motherfuckers. I can't remember what I dreamed last night. Tricky dream projections. Subconscious stealing? A passenger van will fuck a motorcycle up. Ceiling walk? Ellen Paige looks goofy as fuck in snow goggles. Flare gun. Paradox motherfucker. Avalanche. Non-gravity fights are the shit. I want to ride on a snowmobile. Dream blocker. Memory builder. Acrobatic JGL. Cobb must've played with LEGO's as a child. Escape plan. Playing in the snow is fun. Psycho bitch. Damn! I miss Pete Postlethwaite. Living the dream. Old fucker. First class flying. Welcome home party. Spin! Motherfucker! Spin! Inception is a film you must watch multiple times. You learn something new from each viewing. Leo is fantastic as Cobb. JGL and Tom Hardy shine in supporting roles. Mr. Nolan has the rare gift of creating smart Hollywood blockbusters that make you think. For that I salute him. Highly recommended.

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