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pr manager for lilies (1996) dir. john greyson

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  • Daguerréotypes



    when i ask my mother about what she misses from growing up in portugal she sometimes mentions the amount of small businesses on the streets. you had a butcher, a seamstress, a hair dresser, a baker, etc., and you went to them as long as you lived there. as they watched you grow up you watched them grow old. there was a real sense of community, and even if it was many years ago, the names of those people are…

  • Through a Glass Darkly

    Through a Glass Darkly


    rich swedish “arts & culture” families just be like that to be honest

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  • Ghost World

    Ghost World


    steve buscemi is a manic pixie dream boy

  • A Streetcar Named Desire

    A Streetcar Named Desire


    marlon brando is so hot in this movie but his character is a literal shitbag