La Haine

La Haine ★★★★★

Omfg wow .

Where do I start , where do I even start ? This movie is the best movie I've seen , ever . It's a bit of a bold take but I love this , probably will change soon but for the time being it's number 1 . I'm not going to in depth about it but wow was this amazing.

Frist of all , the director Mathieu Kassovitz did an amazing job in every department . Even the way it's presented feels like you're with the characters as apposed to watching . I really need to check out Améile really soon . This isn't to do with the director but I also need to see Taxi Driver soon lol . Now the cinematography by Pierre Aïm is phenomenal the best I've seen , ever . Especially for a black and white film . Each shot feels like they're toping each other it's amazing . Now the acting , I'm only going to be taking about Vincent Cassel which is was ( what's another good word for amazing , good , great ) I'm running out of words if that says something . He was great? I remember him in black swan being a bit of a weirdo lol .

This is a must see to anyone even if you're not really into foreign films or black and white films you'll probably still love this . I 100% reccomed .

Thanks so much Henry and Sam for the recommendation I wouldn't of known about it otherwise :)

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