A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II ★★★½

About on par with the first one. Alas, I think they screwed the pooch on the third act, in the sense that everything that came before it was more thrilling and unpredictable. Felt good to see something that truly makes your skin crawl in theaters once again. For real, the second act ordeal is so fucking intense that it was near-impossible they could've topped it. I almost had an anxiety attack, probably would've stopped the film to have a cigarette before getting to the third act if I was watching it at home.

Still, reflecting on the experience, I feel like the film has a few logical inconsistencies that kind of bug me. My buddy couldn't shut up about that one shot in an otherwise perfectly-crafted film that was terribly riddled with noise either (I didn't notice it, to be honest). Regardless, it's a good time at the movies and just the kind of blockbuster fare we need to make us feel at home in a dark room with strangers again.

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