Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 ★★

I've lowered the rating twice in the past few hours. Sorry to crush anyone's expectations, but this isn't the T2 many of us hoped it was gonna be. It's a lot of fun, but not nearly as impactful as the original.

The action scenes are but a fleeting thrill. They're few and far in between, and they're okay, but not very elaborate and none of them leaves a lasting impression like the No Man's Land sequence in the original. The climactic battle, in particular, was pretty boring.

I was worried about how they were gonna bring Steve Trevor back... Patty Jenkins went right for the feels again, and his moments with Diana are the core of this story. A tragic, doomed romance with a lot of philosophical subtext to boot. It's interesting how it's almost like a role reversal.

Pedro Pascal hams it up and he's great, but I feel like Kristen Wiig's character was done a disservice by the end. She's so clichéd, it hurts. She lacked a proper emotional scene, I think, because Kristen is very charismatic and she could've been given a bit more to do.

The ending itself is cute, warm. The film plays with our personal sense of morality a lot and for a while that's what I thought sustained it. But even there, it fails - throughout, it tells us that Diana's strenght is in her superpowers when, in reality, it's her compassion that makes her who she is. It also gets pretty cheesy and ridiculous at times. Felt like I was watching Aladdin. I don't know, there's really nothing new you can ask from these films, so as long as they're fun, we'll be alright. But if I had to pick between this and the original, it'd be the latter, all the way. And I'm not entirely sure I'd want to rewatch this one after.

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