Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★★

i think on the whole it is a net positive that we’ve become more conscientious about the messages our movies are putting out - or, to put it another way, that we’ve become more quote unquote politically correct 

but i worry that we are losing something: stuff along the lines of the office and tropic thunder.  stuff that shocks and offends, but with the intention at punching up at people who perpetuate racism and insensitivity, not punching down at those who are already victims of it.

the former how you get incisive satire, where the latter (in addition to being just plain immoral) is lazy and uninteresting on a pure craft level. 

so where does borat part two land?  happy to report it’s mostly the good shit.  without spoiling anything, it is straight unrelenting in exposing just how many normal ass americans are willing to roll with unhinged racist and sexist stuff on camera.   it’s a depressing picture of what rhetoric’s been normalized in this hell country these days.  

it’s pretty lazy when it comes to stereotypes about middle easterners, but i guess I can roll with that.  this is an onion article version of kazhakistan that has nothing to do with any real country... though i find myself wishing the movie made that distinction more clear.

also it’s a fucking stitch - Maria Bakalova’s feral melania performance is a sight to behold.  go in blind if you can