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  • Nobody



    Lots of dad-jokes, lots of hot midlife crisis dad-action. Not particularly clever, but a very fun escape with great thrills, great cast and spot on music choices.

  • The Bikini Carwash Company

    The Bikini Carwash Company


    Call me crazy, but I thought there might be a little more plot. Whoops.
    If 90's bikini boobie bongo movies are your thing, this is the pinnacle. Lots of montages, lots of sub-par hard rock music and a non-stop barrage of boobs. Like looking at a nudie magazine while at a strip club. Bombarding boobie parade.
    I did really love the gonzo sound effect work in the beginning, but it was abandoned far too quickly for my tastes. A movie with that many boobs could have really used a few more honk-honks.

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  • Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal

    Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal


    Douche-chills: The Motion Picture.
    It's as if some food court druid wrote a script between his shifts at Hot Topic and jerking off to Columbine footage.
    That said, I had a lot of fun watching this. I'm going to watch it again soon and probably once a month or so for the rest of my life.

  • Ernest Borgnine on the Bus

    Ernest Borgnine on the Bus


    Ernest and his gap toothed grin charm middle America, as he travels the open road, shaking hands with all the locals he meets along the way. He occasionally tells career anecdotes from behind the wheel, but the focus is about getting out and enjoying what life and the U.S. has to offer. It's endearing as all get out and the message is sound.
    At one point, while cruising a truck stop, Ernie points out a guy's Looney Tunes basketball shirt.…