Southbound ★★★★

Soooooooooo I finally got around to watching this because I am eternally spending my time catching up to everyone else and like, I don’t see how anyone could give this slick horror anthology a bad review? And yet there are a few people whose opinions I respect that I do that did? And I’m not saying they are wrong but I am saying “how are they right”?!

So one big reason I dug this was that the stories aren’t all individual and relying on some lame wraparound to put them together. Instead, we have a group of stories that flow seamlessly from one segment to the next! So seamlessly that I’m not sure I could tell you where one began and the other ended if you suddenly pressed me to do so. Also, the stories were hella entertaining. Like, I declared this week “sober week” just to make sure I didn’t have a “problem” and to also make sure I didn’t view movies through a blood rose colored lens and hallelujah I went all week with nary a drop in sight and also the same diabolical outlook so it must have nothing to do with “me” and everything to do with “the viewers intentions”  and that makes me happy if that makes any sense at all.

Basically what I’m trying to say here is that in spite of all the personal backstory to this movie, I really loved it on a level I think most modern indie horror fans would love. Lots of delightful crap that absolutely helps one bit and if my trashy loving horror self ever gets back around to this, it might even earn a higher rating!

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