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  • Unhinged



    Oh my god this was so ridiculous and stupid and AMAZING. I am a sucker for β€œordinary person thrust into extraordinary situation” thriller. And this crazy violent, exploitation flick satisfied my need for a bonkers chase movie. As soon as I saw it was written by the guy who wrote Disturbia and Red Eye I was on board. (It also felt a lot like Cellular and seemed like something Larry Cohen would of made). Russell Crowe is literally unhinged here…

  • Hairspray



    β€œI think perks like kaftans have to be ne-gewsh-iated!”

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  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    Well that was a fun watch! I kid. This is certainly heavy material that is somber and depressing and not easy to watch even if it offers a fairly impressive and well orchestrated opening sequence shot in one unbroken take. This portrait of loss and grief sort of feels like a prequel to Manchester by the Sea: cold, isolating, a study of trauma.Β 

    Pieces of a Woman features some really powerful performances and wonderful direction. I sort of love melodramatic made-for-TV material that is boosted by really confident, gorgeous filmmaking and this movie fits the bill. I’m also a sucker for a good long take.

  • Freddy vs. Jason

    Freddy vs. Jason


    Freddy V Jason is a big ol’ convoluted mess but it’s a fun mess. Essentially a Nightmare film with Jason thrown in, its logic is muddled at best but considering how long it took them to come up with a workable concept for a film with both Jason and Freddy it’s a miracle this movie exists at all. It’s just sort of a shame that they couldn’t find a way to integrate any characters from the previous entries, which is…