hostagekiller. ratings are not well thought out. this is not a list of every movie i've ever seen.

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  • I Shot Andy Warhol

    I Shot Andy Warhol


    we've developed the most jersey-est butch-est insane lesbian, and we're sending her to lee harvey oswald andy warhol.

  • Trust



    An abusive family dynamic mutates the notion of trust. There is the idea that said trust erodes completely, but I believe that it continues to permeate, albeit through a severed membrane. These are the first relationships you've come to have known. This is the unit through which the rest of your life has been captured. It is impossible to divorce one's self entirely from this bastardized trust, and yet that is often our prime directive, whether through self-destruction or complete…

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  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels


    the filmic equivalent of dream pop, just absolutely mesmerizing, beautifully lit, not a single shot in here that doesn't splash with colour and mood, all carefully hinged upon the feeling of a city's night, three loners, one long road. the god-archetype of "the mood piece".

  • Tetsuo: The Iron Man

    Tetsuo: The Iron Man


    Machinist bodyhorror wherein the industrial is a sexually transmitted disease that leeches on, putrefies and purifies its unsuspecting but soon-to-be-accepting subjects. This movie's so extremely abrasive both audibly (bitching soundtrack) and visually; at times leaning into full on experimental animation with a maximalist slant that is hard to not fully appreciate if you have any leaning towards art as confrontation. I loved this. It ends with metaphorical gay sex implied to subsume the world. Absolutely insane and unafraid to be so. So fucking sick.