Tanja Drobnjak

Tanja Drobnjak

sometimes I’m taking photos and making films,
but most of the time I’m just observing and feeling ♡

Favorite films

  • Amélie
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Baraka
  • Cinema Paradiso

Recent activity

  • Great Freedom


  • Pilgrims


  • Rampart

  • Displaced

Recent reviews

  • Great Freedom

    Great Freedom


    After Brokeback mountain, this is probably my favorite gay film. The editing is impeccable, so it’s the framing and cinematography. 
    It left me speachless.

  • Pilgrims



    This was a really nice chance for a good nap in the half empthy theater, and I took it! 
    I had a beautiful time sleeping through this movie.

Popular reviews

  • The Paramedic

    The Paramedic


    You didn't have to kill that precious dog, you sad, sad, sad man.

  • Dara of Jasenovac

    Dara of Jasenovac


    Umm... from where to start?
    First of all, I am coming from Serbia and seeing this film was a really important event. Never before have I seen movie about killed Serbs in Jasenovac and rarely there was a chance to really talk about it. Never in schools, rarely on TV until recent years, so the message that this film holds is really important.
    However.... the whole film is really soft in comparison to the history. Music really dramatized most of…