Marie Antoinette ★★★½

Decided to do a hectic period piece double feature tonight with this and The Favourite and it couldn't have gone better. Glad I led with Marie Antoinnete because the final note seemed to line up quite well with The Favourite's opening. Like Dunst lightly tiptoed her way a little too far to the dark side, and then she couldn't come back. The score, as so often commented on, was great. Coppola gave us the most spice in the genre since Amadeus, and let's be honest, the genre needs it. Things like Barry Lyndon are almost perfect despite the fact that you're in constant danger of falling asleep. LOVED Shwartzman here as the meager little French boy who doesn't quite know how to handle his new wife. Possibly gay too? Love that boy, idk why he doesn't get more fun roles. I'm surprised to say I might come back to this one again on top of just enjoying this viewing.

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