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  • The Doors

    The Doors


    I stayed away for a long time because I hated the poster but this was a good time!

    It is bloated, pretty corny, and probably could've cut like twenty minutes but god what a joyride of a biopic. The editing and cinematography are so impressive, psychedelic, and totally immersed me in Jim's warped view. The pacing is mostly tight and the sixties sets and costume design are gorgeous as well.

    I was expecting this to sanitize Jim's past but the…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    Style is substance 😎

    I’d say Drive has more focus but I like the visuals here a lot more. The eerie-ness of the first half worked better for me than the violent second. The second half is still bonkers but the last twenty minutes don’t tell us anything new about the world. It’s not a perfect movie but the off-kilter acting, hallucinatory score, and abstract cinematography make it an intense and immersive experience. 

    Refn rocks. I’m glad that directors with such a strong sense of style exist.

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  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    Just read the screenplay and I’m appalled and in love all over again. 

    I highly recommend reading it not just because there are some differences (like Tony being a more prominent character and a dream sequence) but because the writing is so dense and you have to sit with it. These characters really dominate each other in conversation with some saying a fuck ton and some saying very little in a scene. Reading it helped me fathom everything Mabel is…

  • Crash



    Probably the sexiest movie ever...

    So incredibly horny yet haunting with a tone that makes Twilight seem emotional. The camerawork is godly (these are really some of the most cinematic soft core scenes) and the villain is incredibly convincing. I love how it never has any traditional Cronenberg gore but manages to find horror in characters that know nothing other than primality. I also think the protagonist is really weak but hey, at least he’s hot. 

    It’s probably not the best Cronenberg for someone to start on (i’d say The Fly is a lot more straightforward) but what a sexy, mystical, and immersive time.