Possessor ★★★★

If you want a movie to break into your skull... this is it.

Cronenberg Jr is not okay. I mean he's probably not considering he's Cronenberg's son, but damn do those fucked-up-thoughts pile up into a rollercoaster of a movie. The structure is tight, it's filled with surprises, and the concept is like "Strange Days 2" (so its sick). I had a blast with how grotesque and psychedelic the VFX was and how hypnotizing the camerawork was (especially with those rotating building shots). The gore is excessive (obviously lol it's Cronenberg) but even for my gore-queasy friends the concept and execution are too good to skip out on. In terms of a thrill-ride, this was 2020's peak (sorry "Tenet").

But there are some design choices that left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm all for DIY stuff but in the context of the rest of the film looking so pristine, that mask is disengaging. I also thought the film got pretty muddied at least towards the end, but thankfully it wraps up with an interesting question about consciousness.

I also find it hilarious that Wikipedia says this world takes place "In an alternate 2008" because it really could've been any futuristic year and it would've worked. Why 2008? Is this a commentary on the housing crisis?

I don't know. Traumatizing and daring movie that I doubt I'll forget anytime soon.

(P.S - don't watch this off the green... it was intense)

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