Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½

Speaking as someone who not only is pursuing a career in music, but also someone how has permanent hearing damage in one of his ears - the thought of losing my hearing completely utterly terrifies me at times. I'll get that light ringing and sometimes think to myself, "Okay, this is it. It's gone." It's a definite fear that probably will never leave me, especially now that I am fixing to enter the career world after next May.

All that to say, I was very taken aback at how sensitively and gracefully this story was handled. All those moments where you hear the digitized sound as if you're listening through the hearing aids were integrated perfectly, and it only added another dimension to this kind of tale. Riz also leads this thing like an utter champ - probably my favorite performance of the year.

Thank you showing me that even if I lose that essential sense, my life won't be over yet. I needed this.

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