Fantastic Planet ★★★★★

The trippiest film I’ve ever seen bar none, and I’ve seen Paprika. Put it this way, recently I quit smoking weed, by the time this finished I actually felt as if I’d started up again, and even that understates it. Fantastic Planet transcends the effects of any cannabis strain, delivering nothing but pure hallucinogenic ecstasy from frame one to its final explosion of shapes and colour. You have to hand it to the animators, even studios as renowned as Ghibli don't often match the boundlessly abstract ingenuity this offers, a meticulously illustrated carnival of anatomically perplexing organisms throwing us into a psychedelic world we can’t help but welcome. There‘s so much to love, not least the dystopian allegory for human sentience, and the shockingly frank focus on all the moral challenges it brings. It’s almost as if the worldly philosophies of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley combined in a powerful acid trip, scored to a counterculture evoking, free-flow jazz symphony. Take the dive, and proceed with caution if you’re going in drunk or stoned. It’s the celluloid high of a lifetime.

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