Before Sunset ★★★★½

Before Sunset is a perfect continuation from where Jesse and Celine left off. They feel like the same people but with enough minor changes to make the nine years between Before Sunrise and now seem consequential.
Jesse and Celine feel more mature, but the movie itself takes a small step backwards in how mature it treats the viewer.
It doesn't pop up often, but there are times where exposition is inorganically delivered in the midst of an otherwise impressively organic scene.
The best example of this occurs in the opening scene where shots from the previous film are interspliced with Jesse's monologues to "remind" the viewer of what happened nine years prior. All of the information in those visual cues is just as easily found in the monologues themselves, making the editing choice unnecessary and extremely inconsistent with the style of the rest of the movie.
It isn't a huge deal, but it annoyed me considering these movies rely on realism.