Shockproof ★★★

Real life husband-and-wife Cornel Wilde and Patricia Knight team up for the only time during their marriage in a social message drama about a paroled murderess who struggles to keep on a straight and narrow path even with the help of a parole officer who somewhat inevitably falls in love with her.

This is passable entertainment but never as good as you would hope and expect a picture written by Sam Fuller and directed by Douglas Sirk to be: indeed, the problem might be that the studio made the decision for the script (originally titled The Lovers) to be renamed and re-written to soften the material and to impose a hurried and quite ludicrous Hollywood happy ending.

Still, some of Fuller's trademark hard-bitten dialogue remains, as do some nice touches from Sirk resulting in a short and snappy film, well worth a watch but don't expect to be blown away.

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