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  • The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine

    The Chrysanthemum and the Guillotine


    Thrilling, and only 3 hours long! Could have reveled in the images of this film for hours more. Pretty convinced that the film purposely shows the anarchists as buffoonish amateurs so that they might step up and rise to a level of accomplishments of the women sumos. They may have failed in their dream, but Tetsu and Dai had heart and courage, and were inspired to find strength after witnessing the outsider life of the sumo wrestlers. Many reviews I've…

  • Microhabitat



    I read an interview with the director, Jeon Go-woon, and she described this film as a satire. I'm not sure I found it funny per se, though their are moments of levity and cringe. Instead, I found it rather heartbreaking. I definitely empathized with Miso and the former bandmates she visits, the things they give up to live the lives they think they want, or rather think they should live. They sacrificed so much for a certain kind of living,…

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  • Slap Shot

    Slap Shot


    Honestly unsure how popular hockey really is in the states, especially minor league hockey. Growing up in rural Canada, you can't escape the sport. And though I couldn't care less about Canada's national past-time (or really any sport) now, as a kid, I wanted to be the next Wayne Gretzky. But hockey is an expensive sport to play year after year ($750 on the low end just for skates and ice time), especially when you have multiple kids in the…

  • The Quiet Ones

    The Quiet Ones


    I don't know. I found it creepy. And scary. What more could you want out of a horror film.

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  • First Blood

    First Blood


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    It's hard to remember, because of the awful sequels that came after, but First Blood's Rambo is not a macho 80's action hero. He's a broken man who's climactic final scene is him breaking down in tears, recounting how one of his squad mates and friends in the Vietnam War died. This was not how other 80's action hero's ended their films. The empathy First Blood shows for its leading hero, John Rambo, makes it special in the canon of…

  • The Last Stand

    The Last Stand


    The Last Stand, Jee-woon Kim's American debut, is a goofy blockbuster staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnny Knoxville, Peter Stormare, and Jaimie Alexander. The action is goofy, some of the characters are weird, and the premise is a little hokey. But there's a strange endearing quality to the whole film, which is probably thanks to Jee-woon Kim. I have yet to see any of his Korean films, but I want to rectify that situation as soon as possible.