Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail ★★★★

The rating is for the whole show overall rewatched slowly over the last couple months, though it should be noted that the last arc of the show and the OVA are probably the most interesting thematically. But who cares, most people probably watch this show for the over-the-top (what an understatement) violence and the women who do said violence. It's good at the violence, and sometimes it's even good at the philosophizing it tries to do throughout the show, like the japan arc that closes the series. The OVA benefits from carrying on the themes of the japan arc, too, though mileage may vary. I don't know, I've seen way worse anything than Black Lagoon and I'm not going to defend this show as a pinnacle of motion animation art, but it's mostly fun for what it is, and the story beats are rewarded well in the final six episode arc and the five episode OVA. What else can I say?