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  • Gamer



    The duo of Taylor/Neveldine's second attempt at the video game movie retains the urgency of Crank in its edit even without the urgency of its plot. Lives in a future where we've reached the full synthesis of player to character, living out different lives or playing out real battles with death-row inmates depending on your game of choice. You can even work in Society, the life sim. Our rooms outside the game are turned to virtual spaces, where the dashboard…

  • Destricted



    Maybe the most disgusting, irredeemable thing ever shown to public audiences. Seven transgressive auteurs in the fashion/film worlds combine for a collection of shorts intended to blur the line between art and porn. Well, that line is erased entirely in what I can only describe as a signal for other industry folk who might have ended up at these screenings.

    IMPALED (Larry Clark) - Shot in/as a backroom casting couch type video, where the guys and girls are briefly interviewed…

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  • Shutter



    Shadows only appear when light is present, maybe even more so.

    Reminiscent of Makoto Shibata's Fatal Frame series on the PlayStation, this slice of mid 2000's Thai horror plays on the photography scares of Ringu and many other works out of the west after this. Bathed in a slick white & green palette, the calculated use of color is far from subtle. While a noticeable product of the time similar to Miike's Chakushin Ari, I'd argue the work from director duo…

  • Shadow in the Cloud

    Shadow in the Cloud


    Roseanne Liang directs this non-stop Max Landis script about a mysterious package brought onto a bomber for a transport mission by lone woman Chloe Grace Moretz. A rare entry into the WWII horror genre, you can throw this into the singular location branch of thrillers as well. In what feels like a cross of Gravity and the fighter sections of Dunkirk, the crew unsettles their way across the sky with the threat of themselves, Japanese fighters, and a possibly otherworldly…

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  • Martyrs



    Fuck off

  • A Woman Under the Influence

    A Woman Under the Influence


    Yeah, this was amazing. Both lead performances from Rowlands and Falk are legendary and I can't think of many other directors who could film the intensity and awkwardness of family dysfunction as naturally as Cassavetes did here. Every character conflict feels genuine without any customary means of dramatic buildup, and because of this the points of melodrama never come across as formulaic or over-the-top as they would have in the hands of less talented people. You rarely get the sense…