The Power of the Dog

The Power of the Dog ★★★★★

"Deliver my soul from the sword, my darling, from the power of the dog"

The feelings I felt watching this were really intriguing. Not because of how really dark it can be sometimes, but in the end, the beauty of it all just takes you away. To the credit of the film, it gives out bit to bit of the flowness of the film's beautiful cinematography and Johnny Greenwood's haunting score, and from Jane Campion's (welcome back queen, we truly missed you) flawless screenplay and direction, to the marvelous performances of Benedict Cumberbatch, Jesse Plemmons, Kristin Dunst, Kodi Smith-McPhee and even Thomasin McKenzie in her all too short scenes, this film is truly one not to be missed

"I wanted to say how nice is it not to be alone"

Also I'm not saying this is a new favorite of the year. A certain Shakespeare adaptation from the two best things to ever happen to me is looming above...

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