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  • The Godfather

    The Godfather


    My long-awaited rewatch of The Godfather came to an end on the sixteenth of January when I decided to put Apocalypse Now on the line as my second favorite movie ever and another reason to see the ‘72 masterpiece again was to refresh my view on the film because recalling seventh grade memories, I saw it for the sake of seeing it and hailing it as the ‘greatest ever made.’ I now do genuinely think Apocalypse Now is far ahead…

  • Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

    Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


    This review may contain spoilers.

    Beyond Thunderdome at this point in the series is considered as the worst but I never thought that I would like, even love, some aspects of the story they took because it goes on to continue what the predecessors had in plan which is the reverse traveling through time but in the third installment nearly every side character is unmemorable, another villain ordering his army here and there played by Tina Turner in a fine…

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  • Mad Max 2

    Mad Max 2


    This review may contain spoilers.

    So after a very short rundown of my thoughts on the original 1979 Mad Max film, I am bringing back the spoiler warning because there are a lot more details to talk about in this thing. First off, I want to start by saying that Road Warrior is Fury Road before it was it but the significant differences between the two is that the second installment of the franchise has more emotional depth, more characters…

  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


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    Death Proof has got every check mark in Tarantino movie bucket list: chicks, flashy dialogue, slow simmering tension and visual style that sums up to an awesome experience he can only deliver and that’s probably one thing I don’t love about him as a writer and director. Watch one of his movies, then you’ve seen the rest but don’t get mad yet, I still enjoy them for what they are and how they make me…