Jesus, Bro!

Jesus, Bro!

"Don't let anybody know I've risen. It's bad for business."

While not as insufferably awful as any of the Channel Awesome anniversary "movies" (my review of all of the movies here), Jesus, Bro!, a film written by and starring Channel Awesome's Brad Jones (aka the Cinema Snob), is still an awful movie. The film is essentially a parody of Christian movies (especially ones by PureFlix) that are frequently reviewed by the Cinema Snob, but unfortunately, it doesn't work as a satire. I understand what they were going for, but it fails as a satire of these godawful movies. Which is sad, because the PureFlix movies are very worthy of satire, and this was written by a talented comedy writer, it actually would have been great. Unfortunately, the writing feels way more like Doug Walker's skits, despite the fact that Brad Jones was the only writer on this. The main character is a fucking insufferable prick, which is intentional since PureFlix likes to portray anyone who's not an Evangelical Christan as a huge cunt.

The worst part about this film is that insists that it's clever; there's a scene in the movie that parodies the scene in Saving Christmas where 2 characters talk while they hold coffee mugs over their mouths. Like I get what they were referencing, but it doesn't feel like anything other than "Hey, remember this scene from Saving Christmas? Yeah, that movie was awful, we're totally better than them!" It doesn't actually try anything clever, it just begs to be seen as clever.

Speaking of Doug Walker, he's in this movie as the boss of the main character. As expected, he overacts in this movie, and not in a good way.

The only positive aspect of this film is Alison Pregler's performance as the main character's ex girlfriend. She's able to give off a good performance despite a lackluster script, and at least it doesn't feel like she's miserable like everyone except Doug in the Channel Awesome anniversary movies (especially To Boldly Flee). I also kind of liked the lava effect in the scene where the atheist guy meets Malcolm in Hell.

This film could have been a great satire of PureFlix movies, but it fails miserably, and it's filled with references and unfunny jokes. 1/5.


(Sorry, couldn't resist. Anyways, fuck Doug Walker and fuck Brad Jones for downplaying the mismanagement at Channel Awesome.)

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