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  • Mr. Baseball

    Mr. Baseball


    I’m surprised by the Letterboxd ratings for this movie skewing mostly positive, because it’s eminently bad. It does clear the bar of being less culturally insensitive than I expected, but the jokes are rarely funny, none of the character arcs are worthwhile, and the baseball scenes were under-covered. It just focuses on all the least entertaining parts of the premise.

  • Wrath of Man

    Wrath of Man


    Unusually, I liked the structure while thinking the story was still mostly a mess. In truth, the editing was a bit overdone too, including a climactic scene where it unintentionally isn’t clear who’s doing what when. It has a certain compelling charmlessness I found entertaining, but that stylization alone isn’t enough to attach an entire movie to, and particularly not one where the parts that are supposed to be meaningful aren’t and the parts that are supposed to withhold information…

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Let's talk about television for a moment. When people refer to today's era of TV as "peak TV" or "cinematic" or whatever they might say, they're referring to two things: higher production value than what's typically been shown on the small screen and an emphasis on long-form storytelling, where each episode builds upon the last. It's a change that's led to a lot of the high points of the medium (shows like Breaking Bad or Atlanta or Crazy Ex-Girlfriend aren't…

  • Film Title Poem

    Film Title Poem

    What's the only thing worse than a 70-minute film that's just a slideshow of different films' title cards presented alphabetically? A 70-minute film that's just a slideshow of different films' title cards presented alphabetically, where every title starting with the word "The" is sorted under T.