Arrival ★★★★★

"But now I'm not so sure I believe in beginnings and endings. There are days that define your story beyond your life. Like the day they arrived."
(Amy Adams as Louise Banks)


(Had to add this to the finished review because it felt right) I need to say before the review starts like the title says, it's hard to talk about this experience like over every other film. To highlight technical aspects, to talk about the acting and give the film in the end of the day a rating like all others. This is more than an average movie and has a all time place in my heart. "Arrival" is such film that usually don't need a review, it stands for itself. I hope some of, you that haven't seen it yet, change their minds even if you don't like the movie then I'm happy it reaches more people, because this kind of film deserves an audience. This is the incarnation why I love movies.

Hi everybody, number 10 of "Our top 222" list is a special one for both of us, as huge fans of science fiction and mostly of clever science fiction. "Arrival" however is in so many points very different from genre competitors and not a common every day sci-fi film which comes along with big explosions and effects. "Arrival" is an incredibly elegant and with much love for details told piece science fiction. Villineuve managed to stage a first possible contact and the associated attempts of communication so exciting without being another "Independence Day" but rather the exact opposite. I will not spoiler anything, like always, but I will also reserve indications because there are a few aspects you definitely need to explore yourself and the less you know the better, especially the twists and ending. The story in a nutshell: One very day 12 extraterrestrial spacecrafts are appear at different locations all over the earth. This event changes everything not only for the linguist Louise Banks who should discover how to communicate with the aliens before tensions lead to a war against them.

Last year I had the privilege to watch 4 sci-fi masterpieces all for the first time in one week: "Arrival", "Ex Machina", "Gravity", "Interstellar". I consider that week as one of the best I ever had. Good sci-fi films are rare these days and because of that I'm very happy that the few released over the last years are all amazing and kind of invented the genre new, with setting high standards. The said ones and for example "The Martian" used the genre not only to examine the power of space travel or a post-apocalyptic future. Common humanity got addressed more and the focus on the protagonist feelings about futuristic events and not the events themselves. One of them is "Arrival". It was finally time to post a review of one of our favorite directors nowadays. Denis Villineuve can be absolutely considered as one of the talented directors of our time, directing highly risky projects like a sequel to "Blade Runner" or a destructive "Prisoners" that really play with your believes of right and wrong. Villineuve is one of the versatile and gifted filmmakers of the last years. Each of his films were quality, thematised a very different topic and were a critical success. I'm so excited for his new work "Dune" which is the perfect example. A book adaptation which has already a film that more or less flopped. Villineuve takes the time he needs, but how frequently he delivered masterpieces in the past is enormous. "Arrival" is definitely a masterpiece and movie from another world. It did something with me only the best do: I really thought about the topic and gain again new interest in all the questions we frequently asked ourselves (at least the sci-fi fans): Are we alone in the universe? When there are Aliens do they find us first and if so what are their intentions? "Arrival" suggests an answer to all those questions and a possible way how that could might look.

"Language is the foundation of civilization. It is the glue that holds a people together. It is the first weapon drawn in a conflict."
(Jeremy Renner as Ian Donnelly)

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