Utøya: July 22

Utøya: July 22

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Today: Utøya

“Really great movie, but not rated yet.

It feels too real, to be rated”
(The Two Cineasts)

Hi everybody, I watched this Norwegian production about the terroristic attack of July, 22nd 2012. The right wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik killed 77 people that day, by detonating a bomb and shooting members of a leisure camp of the Norwegian Democratic Party.
The movie follows the fictional character Kaja on the island Utøya during the seventy two minutes lasting attack on the camp members.

This film is a 80 minutes plan sequence, means one shot without editing, it gives us the feeling to be on the (crime)scene. We just witnessed this act of terror through the eyes of the victims. No action shootouts or splatter moments, just the sound of the firing gun in background and the certainty that many shots will find their targets and thus means ending life’s of innocence human beings. 72 minutes we must endure, that’s how long the police needed to be on location. The young actress Andrea Berntzen does an awesome job and keeps you captivated. The camera work is brilliant too and was a tense job, I think. Different to the film “22. Juli” from Paul Greengras it won’t tell the story of the terrorist or the survivors after the attack. No, it’s a proclamation for everyone out there that this event, previous ones and hopefully non-existent upcoming acts, have no possibility destroy living together and making political statements. We want to live in a democracy and everybody, no matter “where from”, who doesn’t understand this, is NOT welcome in our world.

The color of your skin, your religion or your nationality aren’t responsible for being an asshole...YOUR acts are.
I couldn’t give the movie a rating, it was definitely not bad, but it was too real to be rated. Maybe you can decide - it is absolutely worth to watch.

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