The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★★★

One of the better movies I’ve seen from 2020. While there are a couple of elements I believe Thunder Road did better, such as the writing and characterization, I ended up liking The Wolf of Snow Hollow more than Jim Cummings’ feature film debut. I dug the more serious tone, fine editing, superb cinematography, fuelling score, and especially the story. There was some great talent involved here around Cummings in the lead, playing a protagonist that sort of echoes his role as Jim Arnaud in Thunder Road. Despite being unable to shake off those similar vibes with him, he and everyone else, from Riki Lindhome to Robert Forster (RIP), were great in their roles. I was surprised to see Jimmy Tatro from American Vandal here. I loved that show. I also think this has my favourite climax from any film I’ve seen released in 2020 (thus far; despite there being little time left in this year).

 It was also fitting to watch this now, considering the time of year currently.

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