Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

If nothing else, Avengers: Infinity War achieves a real sense of scale: it’s an epic moment in time where everything built in the past 10 years comes to blazing fruition. The Russo brothers’ efforts are commendable here: rarely does a blockbuster of this insane proportion actually manage to avoid being a jumbled mess when juggling countless characters and settings. 

I found a lot to be loved within the writing of Infinity War: the gags (a staple of the MCU at this point) are pretty effective here and don’t undermine serious moments (something done more often in the past), the tone is considerably more desperate, and yet, the dialogue manages to balance a higher standard with entertainment value. Infrequent callbacks to previous installments in the franchise prove to be endearing and appreciative towards fans who have kept up thus far. 

I felt somewhat disconnected during the first half due to the crowded nature of trying to get each storyline adequate screentime (something you’ve definitely heard voiced about this film before). But I also felt that disconnect due to the camerawork: the shaky camera (among other angles) created this impersonal aura about each interaction that seemed too focused on trying to make an artificial “cinematic” look. This surprisingly improved itself during the third act, even among the boisterous action sequences that are normally plagued by this style in productions this large.

Speaking of the third act, it’s great. Thanos shines throughout the film, but it is here where all of the stakes feel tangible, sort of (but not really) breaking away from the typical formula where heroes cannot die. There’s enough tension to increase heart rates. There’s standout moments of real emotional distress. There’s Josh Brolin granting us a fantastic portrayal of an understandable and a (almost) sympathetic villain. And, of course, there’s loud, fun, but never obnoxious action that’ll trigger occasional chills for any superhero lover.

I’m impressed that something of this sheer size ended up being handled with a decent amount of care, and not only that, but succeeding in doing so. Infinity War is quite the feat in terms of being a blockbuster that experiments a little to craft something fortunately very memorable: its ambition is accompanied by sizable accomplishment. Expectations were high, expectations were met!

I’d like to add that the audience I watched Infinty War with clapped an extraordinary amount of times (more than I’ve ever witnessed in a theater by miles), which added a nice layer to an already great experience. Highly recommend seeing it in theaters if that appeals to you.

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