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  • Rhythm of Being

    Rhythm of Being


    Every frame of this is visually dazzling, making galaxies and other worlds out of the human body. An utterly transfixing, hypnotizing experience.

  • Any Instant Whatever

    Any Instant Whatever


    "I am sitting in a room. The same room you are in now." On one hand, I think, it doesn't look like the room I am in, but then, who's to say what someone else sees when they look at this room? Perhaps the room can be anything to anybody, and what I see only matters to me.

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  • Vampire's Kiss

    Vampire's Kiss


    Audio commentary by director Robert Bierman and actor Nicolas Cage.

    90 minutes of Bierman and Cage giggling in awe and confusion at what a ridiculous, ludicrous, insane movie they were able to get away with making, and it is glorious. Essential companion viewing to the film itself.

  • A Good Day to Die Hard

    A Good Day to Die Hard


    First things first: The Die Hard sequels can never be Die Hard. Despite a handful of cheesy moments, the original film is a masterpiece of action movie engineering. The writing and acting are top-notch all by themselves, but it's John McTiernan's brilliant direction that sets the movie head and shoulders above 99% of the genre, and the trajectory of Die Hard 2 (love it or hate it) established that key plot elements and the McClane character would be the backbone…