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  • The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation

    Watching The Birth of a Nation as George Floyd’s funeral unfolds on national news is just asking for an incendiary response from somewhere deep within the soul. There were several times when I felt so appalled, totally disgusted, tempted to just turn it off and return another time, maybe in like a decade. For a brief moment, my power even went out, as if a sign from the heavens. I had to face a few internal questions as I continued…

  • Satantango



    Bells echo from a tower that doesn't exist. The bellowing and snorting of cattle reverberates from the inside of a factory. It starts with one of many dirty, consumerist livestock, as they begin to pour from the opened gates of the dilapidated, crumbling building like blood seeping from a wound. They mingle with the outside world in the way that same wound's blood might wisp about and spread after dripping into a glass of milk. Moaning, searching, the cattle skitter…

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  • The Man Who Laughs

    The Man Who Laughs


    Unlike anything I've seen from the era, narratively at least — some strange amalgamation of romantic melodrama, swashbuckling adventure, royal court politics, and mutilation horror, all played to a disorienting silent-sound era movietone soundtrack of cheers and jeers, and an even more disorienting anachronism of expressionist Germany and medieval England. As always, Conrad Veidt has his cake, eats it too, with a deeply empathic performance that functions as the heart of the entire picture. It's one of those truly great,…

  • Spies



    Mein führer, I can walk! This feels both deeply energetic (think of those opening, thrilling sequences from Dr. Mabuse), yet mournful and longing for a simpler time; a taut game of complexity, with a swift dose of minimalism; a balancing act of pure pulp and expressionistic paranoia. It is, though, like the agents situated at the heart of the narrative, trapped in its own spider web of intrigue — the spider in the middle of the web, lurking coldly and…

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  • The Nun

    The Nun


    Ah, yes, I was wondering when “See Something Creepy And Follow It, Only To Be Jump-Scared Like A Moron: The Movie” would finally be coming out*.

    *This actually happens about every three minutes during this entire movie. I’m not kidding.

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    In order to be yourself, you have to find yourself. 

    Both Toy Story and its sequel are perfect, laser-focused stories about finding yourself — the first seeing Buzz come to terms with his being a toy through the emotional aid of Woody; the second seeing Woody get too big for himself, only to be leveled back down by Buzz. They’re perfect companion pieces, as perfect as Woody and Buzz are companions themselves. Toy Story 3, no matter how forcibly it did it,…