Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

things i forgot to mention in my last log, as well as random details i noticed this time that i wanted to point out:

(will most likely keep updating this, so keep checking back)

-i forgot to talk about the portion of a poster they keep parking in front of at Rick’s house. The way we’re introduced to it at the beginning of the movie, it seems as though it’s a rugged action hero in a moment of glory (the camera starts on the chin, initially (the most rugged and masculine feature of the action star)), but during the finale we see the full poster on the wall in the house and we realize there’s a boot crushing his face into the ground

-i forgot to mention Sharon Tate’s near-omniscience in her being seemingly paranoid or nervous when she sees and waves to Manson in her driveway. there’s something about the way Margot Robbie plays it, and the fact that we don’t do it in a closeup (and get her full body language, additionally), that makes it stand out. to me it really feels like she knows more than we think in that scene (which goes back to my whole thing about her spirit residing in the movie)

-i freaking love the match cut of spliced-Rick making his exit in The Great Escape to Sharon crossing the street. it’s fitting, somehow

-it’s funny how Tarantino tells us right to our faces in a bloody closeup on the can of dog food that it’s “for mean dogs” right before the big fight

-it’s funny how much the joke George makes about being blind is like the one in Anchorman 2

-i like that Tim Roth still gets a credit in the main body of the cast and not just a thanks at the end

-the Batman and Robin radio commercial at the end of the credits is so friggin prime

-i adore that they put the “Family” in “Manson ‘Family’” in quotes in the credits; as if a pitbull, a can of dog food, and a flamethrower weren’t big enough screw-yous

-i love how meta it is that we laugh at the heinous killing of the Manson disciples at the end just minutes after hearing those same characters talking about people learning to murder from TV

-something about Jay’s thumbs up through the gate at Rick at the end really got me this time. too funny

-same as above, but it’s Cliff opening a beer on the boat with his wife and it spraying onto his goggles. something about it has had me giggling every time

-i love that the bulk of the Bruce Lee scene is shot in a oner. it’s so smooth and seamless you almost don’t notice it and it’s stellar

-the way it teases at Cliff’s wife’s murder by having the gun resting on his leg and him sitting there contemplating before cutting away is hilarious. that one’s all in the timing, and it’s perfect

-i love that we see/learn Trudi Fraser’s name and Rick doesn’t. i can’t put my finger on what i think is so great about it (beyond it just being fun), so i’ll get back to you on that one

-a coworker who didn’t like the movie as much as me was listing all the stuff he wished there was more explanation for in the movie, and one of the things he listed was Rick’s stutter. it only occurred to me on this viewing, but at the beginning in the interview when Rick says he’s fallen off a horse before, is that how he got the stutter? this probably really doesn’t matter, but it just got me thinking...

-bring on the 4-hour Netflix cut because i need to live in this world for longer!

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