The Talk of the Town ★★★★

My head is so full right now as is my heart. I had so many thoughts on this comedy crime drama film situation:

--this was so freaking suspenseful it is not for the faint of heart. My blood pressure right now.....
--Cary was so right for fainting when he saw Jean
--Jean honey, you can splash water on me any day
--Jean's facial expressions hey girl
--RONNIE COLMAN the guy had the best year of his life working with both Greer and Jean I'm very very jealous
--Jean in Ronnie's PJ's. FASHION.
--APPLEJACK from Penny Serenade oh my fave little man
--So that egg newspaper scene...I shrieked with Jean except she did it way cuter obviously. Replayed it like 3 times.
--Slapping Applejack is a federal crime, sir
--oh no no no no. no.
--bro doing that will not help your case
--the poor man just wants to write a book people
--yeah nobody even liked that beard
--what the hell did she just pull outta there?
--Not again!! oy Ronnie I'm sorry man
--Cary is so so beautiful
--Jean is so baby. I'm glad you agree.

Thanks for coming to my live commentary;)

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