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  • Present.Perfect.



    Only until the third section of the film, when Zhu zeroes in on a select number of "anchors" from the second section, the film becomes an updated version of her previous work, Another Year. Her method may have changed, but the careful attention to the individuals remains in her observing eyes.

  • Humongous!



    One to keep an eye on. Not surprising that Aya Kawazoe studied under Shinya Tsukamoto (and Shinji Aoyama).

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  • Braguino



    The most interesting thing about Braguino is that we only see "the feud" through Braguines' POV. The hatred towards Kilines becomes more and more pathological as the film goes on. Furthermore, Braguine children have to inherit this animosity when they barely understand the reason. The scene of both families' kids staring at each other in particular creates an eerie atmosphere. Ironically, instead of away from civilization, Braguines are preoccupied with the thoughts about other human beings.

  • Burning



    I knew i was seeing a masterpiece when it's my fifth film of the day but also the only one I was able to stay focused in its entirety. Perhaps just after midnight is the best time to witness its explosive ending unfold?

    Burning is almost never settled into any type of genre. Its beginning suggests a love story, then characters come and go, constantly brushes over the motifs of melodrama, crime thriller and social realism. The fluctuation of form…