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  • SuperBob


    yes this was fairly predictable but fairly funny too

  • Damilola: The Boy Next Door

    Damilola: The Boy Next Door

    This was a really nice entry point to such a tragic story and the vilification of people from north peckham estate.
    I thought it was great to see Yinnka open up and be vulnerable and honest, an emotional watch

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  • Sorry We Missed You

    Sorry We Missed You

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Again a other great depiction of austerity Britain. The actors themselves felt believable in their acting, I dont know if this was just cos it was a lil bit stop/starty,but this in and amongst the types of framing and the lighting cinematography gave it a q realistic feel. Towards the end I cried seeing the father being completely tied and indebted to the delivery work, but I think that the time given to highlighting the entrapment of care work for…

  • Meanwhile on Earth

    Meanwhile on Earth

    Ah great film, I usually have a very short attention span for observational film, but you could really get ur teeth into this one. Each frame felt photographic and was filled with symmetry galore.
    While the style left a lot to be desired regarding really learning about the cast, it did a good bit of work building a picture of the culture around death management (?) and in ways scenes answered each others questions rather than self contained frame. You could learn a lot more about coffin bearers by watching a scene of grave diggers in a buffet.

    Enjoyed it!