Eraserhead ★★★★½

Marrying early silent film comedy with gnostic body horror, Eraserhead is the sort of movie experience which everyone can probably relate to, even when they wish they could not. If you have been uncomfortable going over to your romantic partner's parents' house for dinner, if you dread the long walk home from the pencil factory, if you feel weird interacting with the neighbor across the hall with whom you would like to have or have had amorous intrigue with, if you would like to escape into the calming sounds emitted by the radiator, if you have just picked the new baby up from the hospital and don't know what to do now that it is really home and sitting on the table one thing you probably should not do is poke at it with scissors. Eraserhead is the sort of movie experience that is like when you have written the wrong word on a piece of paper and try to erase it with the pencil eraser but the word is just smudged and so you work harder at erasing it and a hole is torn in the paper inside of the smudge.

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